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These creeps should be in jail Add comment

I has chose 2 number outta the 6 numbers so im guessing i win some moey i wanted my money in a check all my information is here my id is 98697544 Add comment

My name is phillis from sa mpumalangas I win but didn't get my winning prize.I receive a massege that I must contact a reversebank of India.then the bank says I must scan my bank account, id photo,after they send me an opening account for reserve bank ,after they say I must pay the Sam of $540,00 before I get the price.and other massage say she I open an account I must give them my pin number so didn't understand what's going. I now that the banks are the to take charges , not my self to give another banks charges. I play lotto because I'm... Read more

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Hello viewers i am so happy to share this testimony to you all in different part of the the world, on how i won lottery with help of DR FARA on a faithful day as i was walking down my street, when i meet my old friend Randall rush he was so happy to see me and he pick me up to a fast food joint in the city of new York USA, he was my old time friend and class mate, but now he look different absolution look good riding a big car and wearing all sort of customized Golding wristwatch and necklace. i was jealous but since he is my very good friend... Read more

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I didnt claim claim money Add comment

I always play freelotto and hoping that it is true. I don't understand why it is said to be free then why should I need to pay through my card. I already received sort of msgs through my email that I am eligible and the amount was indicated. Msgs are so confusing and keeps me hoping that I really won the said amount. Add comment

Iwon but dont see my tsn help me please Add comment

you know that I received from them coupon to take the win I servey by the institute of flyer you google me on 12th march 2016.E mail taugh me a coupon I so the fillling can not visit too.the coupon as a gift sumsung 65' 3D LED smart tv,Dell inspiron laptop computer,Apple ipad mini and $50.00 Sky auction saving certificate.I am won the grand price value is $ 3500.I'm not one of E mail.This is ture, I would look to me reasonably vibrant on whether such an institution you kindly request you from me. Read more

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1. do not give them any credit card info for "playing automatically" 2. If you win, you will NEVER see a penny. 3. People posted as winners do not exist and are only advertisement 4. They sell any email registered to other solicitors 5. All money made from the fools who pay every month to play automatically is spent by those scammers laughing their way all the way to the bank. Conclusion: I won 5000 a few years back and never got a cent. I gave up pursuing them. I still go there for fun and play manually just to see if my pick could... Read more

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