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  • Freelotto
  • 19 hours ago
  • by anonymous
  • #603877

I would like you to put the 3 month of money back in my bank as I did not give you pormishen to take money out my bank and for I do not know how the he'll you got my bank details a have proof you have take money out and I will like you to put it back in or I will go to the police you have till end of the day Add comment

I just wanna see the review update to my winning in freelotto. Add comment

  • Mar 02
  • Entertainment
  • Positive Experience
  • 31

I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr baba for helping me to will the lottery.I have been playing lottery for the past 6 years now and the only big money i have ever won was 7000$ ever since then i have not been able to win again and i was so upset and i need help to win the lottery so i decided to go to a friend of mine call lipa,and she introduce me to Dr baba, there i saw so many good... Read more

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Hello Im Ms. Mitchell can someone call at 2819172286...Thx Ms. Mitchell!! Add comment

Taking money out of my bank numerous times without permission. I am struggling to pay for food for my son anyway I don't need some 'freelotto' thing ripping me off and taking food out of my families mouths! Add comment

I sent the winning tsn number to prizeclaim@freelotto.com and they told me that the number was invalid and my claim was denied. I don't know why and I matched all 7 numbers so I should've won something. What can I do if anything? Add comment

I have been charged £16 twice for free lotto when I just bought a £1 ticket! Now I can't cancel it please help! Add comment

Has anybody won and actually been able to claim their prize ? I've just started playing and thought it was great till I have read that nobody that has won has been able to claim their winnings?? Add comment

Many times you sander certificate the winner and not any sander how values the certificate real is not good if you true just sander my check Add comment

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