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Freelotto - FREE LOTTO $10,000 winner

Company Freelotto
Product / Service Freelotto Fast Cash
Location Oneonta, New York
Category Entertainment
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Monetary Loss

I had received an email of my FREELOTTO as a winner of $10,000 on 10/28/2012 and have a copy of my numbers that I play every game for $10,000 they are my family's birthdays.I tried to get confirmation but now they say that they were not open on this monday, then how did they send me the winning numbers for monday with a congratulations for the $10,000 prise that they said I won.

What do they do postpone the winners when they win, so they don't have to pay?I won fair and square and want my winnings, how do I sue them or report them for fraud? 30109ba

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Nov 19, 2013  from Rangoon, Yangon
what is eligible and is it the prize

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Nov 14, 2012 
I also received an email from FreeLotto.com on October 29, 2012, stating that I had won the "$100,000.00 Giveaway." I sent an email to prizeclaim@freelotto.com, as directed in the instructions. I received an email back stating that my claim is being denied because "THE TSN YOU SUBMITTED DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO A WINNING ENTRY."

However, I have both the ticket confirmation email and the email stating that I chose 6/6 numbers correctly for the "$100,000.00 Giveaway." I attempted to send PDF copies of these two messages to prizeclaim@freelotto.com and answers@freelotto.com, but both messages were returned because they were over 100 Kilobytes.
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Oct 30, 2012 
There is nothing free in this country. :grin :grin :p :p :( :(
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Oct 30, 2012 
Even worse, I rec'd an email from them yesterday telling me I won $100k. Now today, poof. Cruel and unusual if you ask me.
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