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i got a page telling me i am a guaranteed certified winner of one of four prizes "apple iPad mini,dell inspiron laptop computer,Samsung 65" 3d led smart tv ,$50 sky auction saving certificate"and i was asked to fill out a form with my name,address,email,pobox information to claim the prize and i did but i didnt get any conformation whats so ever so how do i find out if i am gonna receive the prize., 70434,Ethiopia :addis ababa, NL_03_0803 st.1271 so could you please send me an email notification if and when i am getting the prize

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I liked: That it is free.

I didn't like: U dont deliver prizes as promissed.

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I won too... but how can i claim my money


Yer ok


I'm really upset as I apparently one free Lotto amount in which I don't know but it says that my TSN number was improper and so it was put on hold what is TSN number and why can't I use my 3-digit security number


Hello I'm Sheraz Khan I'm winner freelotto but on calim ?


Certificate winner $3500But honestly not receivedHow process or joking


Hello I am jawad AliI won 3500$But honestly not receivedHow process or joking


I m winner but the form is dosen't to click


You are not getting your money nor any prizes. I hate to tell you this but you were a little gullible if you actually believed that you were going to.

For about 4 or 5 years now, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other African countries put out fake things like this and people see it and think it's real. There was a bunch of new stories about the scams that were coming out of Africa and for people to not fall for them. You would know it's a scam if you see let the address has to do with an African country. Another obvious clue is that there are sentences and words that are not properly written.

Lastly, the fact that you have to give money to obtain something you want should be the biggest clue that it's not real. You never have to pay for your prizes, unless the payment is to uncle Sam.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prosecute the scumbags that do these things. {{Redacted}}


How can u win a prize out of nowhere unless u applied for it first?!- that's not believable! Its nothing but another Scam!

Don't believe it til u see it! Trust no one! Especially what's online! too many scams come from the internet!- more than I.

Person! Beware!!


Yoooh they said"my name's on the list,after am eligible after following the rules no feedback,this s a scam


they send me the message that i win the money but i cant claim for it can someone help me how to claim course i been trying and failing to do it

to Muhammed Hussien #1406152

We're on the same page muhammed


so this page pop up out of nowhere on my laptop and it says it is a give away prize from freelotto... and I doubted that if this is true or not...

now that I'm seeing all these comments and also this pissed post, and it is really a SCAM!!! Thanks to you who posted this, and all these comments, I WILL NOT file this claim form

to Luga le Ulavale #1406153

You're more than welcome #Luga actually they're trying to makes foolish

to Luga le Ulavale #1439692

you claim ur money? plz help me my name list seen but my prize can I received.....?my email.


i also received this certifiedso but i m elegible way the money but i cant claim for it can someone help me 98970800 my number phone

to rached ben achour #1406156

Looool its a scam Ben or please call me for more info,here's my cellphone no +27711867407(south Africa)


Me also . .they said that I won how to get my prize.just call me 09480694998


I also received this certified winner on freelotto they said I won an IPhone but I haven't receive a message to my email I did fill in the form seriously they are playing with our minds

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1325409

U can and should report this freeloto scam. On rally fed up with this.

Of has taking all my time.

Just to be ***. I'm really struggling o will report it.

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