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Ladies and Gentlemen! Yesterday I sent a copy of your results to your station for profits at

Today I received a letter from them that my TSN number is invalid and send the right within 30 days. How is it possible to number is invalid if you copy the contents of the letter with the familiar, winning numbers from a letter sent from your server?

Immediately sent back winning tsn number but what was my surprise when it turned out that my letter could not be delivered to your mail server

I copied your winning number from a letter sent by you but today I received a letter that tsn numbers not match? How is this possible since I've copied from your letter? What to write and what not. Please give me a model

Monetary Loss: $100.

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How to find a correct tsn number because its clearly that I got a wrong tsn no.

I can't claim my price.


Same happened to me. It's saying invalid


Greetings.. I wom but Please I need a model on how to present the TSN because I don't understand why they keep saying its not correct when I copied from the confirmation message



same problem me what we do this happen with 6 times :(

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