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Iam a Tanzanian citizen live in East africa. I won a Prizes through the www.freelotto.com over$ 1,000,000.00 with a TSN 55736983. i was verified and Eligibility from the claiming prizes offices through this freelotto. now i require your instruction through your management to help me to obtained my prizes. i have a credit card bank which provide all account bank , i like to filled all article concernig banks.

I hope you will help me as quick as possible because i stayed a long time since of march 2008 when i won

Stanton Kanyiki

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dates back to 2009, was told i had won 138000000 didnt have a credit card to register and found myeslf going round and round in circles.

to gmsmithesson@yahoo.co.uk Derby, England, United Kingdom #637100

I would say, just try ensure that you have met all requested criteria for claiming said prizes; definately try to stay calm. Although I should imagine beeng told have won a substantial amount of cash could make you a bit crazy.

If still if in doubt contact a lawyer or two for advice.

Also there should be a record of the event on line, try to keep any refence numbers as this may assist you in making a claim. Good luck :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :) 8) :)


have no credit card.i verified and eligibity from the cliaming prices offices throught this freelotte.please advice.


i mam no mobil 01223970454 is owen day 24-11-2011


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hola espero que se encuentre bien todo y que todo tenga bendicion de parte de Dios

quiero ser uno de las ganadoras de freelotto y ser unos de ustedes mi numero telefonico:311 6671640 dado caso sea uno de los ganadores

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