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Dear Sir? Madam

Review my Application Claiming my prizes through www.freelotto.co TSN

55736983. i request you to help me to solve this a problem which stay a long time since of march 2008. i verified and eligibilty for paying through a claiming prizes office of freelotto. I provide a account bank in order for paying through my bank.

I wait you according your wisdom to help me at this time if is possible to solve this issue. Tanzania is a country which is in East Africa. I hope thayou can help.

Stanton Kanyiki


Stanton Kanyiki



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sir how i get win mony

plz send me same detale,i live in



I live in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa and have been playing freelotto before 2002. At one time I even received a cheque for $1.00 for three correct numbers.

I remember the first US$10 million winner was from India. At that time there was no F.A.S.T lottery system which unfortunately requires credit payment.I can pay by Visa Electron Debit Card cause credit cards are rare in this part of Africa. I am just surprised that there are complaints now that these guys are not genuine. When Eric Prevost from France won US$10 million in 2005 I was a regular player.

Maybe lets look for Eric Prevost just to confirm he really. Some sites confirm he did.

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